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  • Operator controls are positioned to allow either a side stance or a 45-degree stance for maximum efficiency, visibility and custom comfort.
  • The side-stance multifunction control handle is fully serviceable down to the individual switches and allows simultaneous operation of forward/reverse, lift/lower, horn, tilt, optional sideshift and an optional 4th function.
  • The standard premium dash display includes the programmability of four operator-selectable performance modes and can store 100 operator specific passwords.
  • VISTA™ and optional VISTA™ PLUS masts are designed to be rugged in medium and heavy duty applications.
  • The unique flat plate overhead guard configuration provides great visibility while protecting operators.
  • Three-wheel configuration provides a tighter turning radius for superb maneuverability that makes stacking in limited space and congested loading bays easier than ever.
  • Easy lift-off panels provide quick access to lift pump, drive motors, electronics, power steering pump and motor for easy maintenance.
  • On-demand hydrostatic power steer system affords precise control with minimal steering effort, while the dual steer wheel assemblies provide 180 degrees of total steer angle for superb maneuverability.
  • Hyster® i3 Technology™ ties together functionality, software, diagnostic codes, similar interfaces and is Hyster Tracker compatible. This technology allows operator input to optimize performance to suit operator skill level, and provides setup and diagnostic menus for service technicians.
  • The suspended Hyster® Intelligent Ride Floor System reduces up to 65% of shocks and vibrations transmitted to the operator from dock plates, expansion joints and other irregular floor surfaces. The maintenance free design requires no weight adjustment from the operator.

  • Model Load Capacity (lbs) Maximum Travel Speed (mph) Maximum Lift Speed (ft/min)
    E30HSD3 3000 7.2 69
    E35HSD3 3500 7.2 67
    E40HSD3 4000 7.2 63
  • Capacity: 3,000 - 4,000 lbs
  • Max Height: 283
  • Max Weight: 4000 lbs
  • Series Title: E30-40HSD3
  • Weight: lbs


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