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  • Yale® iSi Technology™ speeds operator productivity and streamlines service and maintenance procedures to keep your costs down and productivity up.
  • From the ergonomically designed top-mounted handle, the state of the art robotic welding of the forks and frame, and the environmental enhancements of the galvanized options, Yale® MPE “F” series trucks are designed and manufactured to be among the most dependable trucks in the industry today.
  • The electrical system uses Yale® AC drive technology designed for exceptional performance, providing high starting torque and smooth acceleration. Yale® AC motor technology provides faster travel speeds and quicker direction changes. A speed sensor built into the motor provides feedback to the control system, allowing motor speed and direction to be continuously monitored.
  • The MPE series has an optional power assist steer feature that significantly reduces operator steer effort and increases maneuverability. This results in reduced operator fatigue. This advanced system automatically provides the proper amount of assist based on handle position, steer angle, and truck travel speed.

  • Model Model Designation Load Capacity (lbs.) Battery Maximum Travel Speed (mph)
    MPE060-F Pallet Trucks 6000 24 9
  • Capacity: 6000 lbs
  • Max Height: 9.3
  • Max Weight: 6000 lbs
  • Series Title: MPE060F
  • Type: End Rider Pallet Trucks
  • Weight: lbs


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